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Palace of the Porphyrogenitus

The Palace of the Porphyrogenitus or of Constantine Porphyrogenitus (Turkish: Tekfur Sarayı, which means "Palace of the born in the purple") refers to the...

Brief History of Chora

Orginally the main church of the Chora monastery, the building now known as the Kariye Museum, or traditionally as the Kariye Camii (Mosque), represents...

Chora Church Choir (1914)

Chora Church choir. Constantinople, Church of the Chora, Apse. Note: 'others in series 1903.' . Goodyear number: 29.

Chora Church (1903)

Chora Church, Istanbul, Turkey, 1903. Vintage print, 5 x 7 in. Brooklyn Museum, Goodyear. (Photo: Brooklyn Museum) Notes: Chora. 31. Goodyear number: 31.

Byzantine architecture

Byzantine architecture is the architecture of the Byzantine empire. The empire emerged gradually after AD 330, when Constantine moved the capital of the Roman...