Today, Chora Museum unoffical site is opened. The site is dedicated world finest mosaics and frescoes.

The Kariye Camii, with its glorious mosaics and frescoes, holds an important place in the hearts of many lovers of old Istanbul. This is the first website devoted to its mosaics and frescoes. Visitors should visit this site BEFORE entering the chruch as it will make their visit infinitely more rewarding. 

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  1. I have some pictures of the mosaics and 2 frescoes that I took in 1971, when there was already some damage to the mosaics. In fact, our guide removed stones from a mosaic to give to me in order to get money from me. I signaled to him to stop, and gave him a nice tip of money. I wonder if the mosaics sustained further damage since my visit 40 years ago. I certainly hope not.

    Should you like to have copies of my 30 pictures, I will be happy to e-mail them to you, upon your request.

    Thank you.

    Morton Linder

  2. Gentlemen:
    I sent you my beautiful color images of the mosaics and a few frescoes of the Kariye Djami in May of this year. Mr. Ata and Max Crandale told me that my images would be posted on your web site and that I would receive credit for the photographs, which were taken about 40 years ago. I cannot find my images nor my credits on your web site. Are they actually there? If yes, then please give me a link to them.

    Thank you.

    Morton Linder

  3. Thanks for your input Mr. Linder.

    We have a facelift project. Your images received us. We will use them in main page when our website”s facelift finish. We will inform you about it.

    Thanks for your input.

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